Satan’s Fan Club


Satan's Fan Club

Twisted twins James and Louise meet a man at a nightclub who invites them to join a secret society, if they can commit a crime tailor-made for them. Meanwhile a serial killer is terrorising West London. Victims turn up in the Grand Union Canal or in wheelie bins. When the twins struggle to complete their assignment, the trail of bodies gets closer and closer to home. How many members of the household are they prepared to lose before they act? Who will be next?

“Mark Kirkbride’s debut novel, Satan’s Fan Club, explores territories only an experienced novelist would dare attempt. Utilizing a unique pair of protagonists, twins Louise and James, we ride along with them on their trip to ‘hell’ in this well-executed cross-genre thrill-ride. Equal parts horror, thriller, and dark fantasy, Satan’s Fan Club brags the writing skills and story-telling adeptness of a seasoned novelist, with the freshness of a strong new voice. I would urge any fan of cross-genre fiction to pick up a copy of this fine debut novel.”
Michael Laimo, author of Deep in the Darkness and Dead Souls
“Mark Kirkbride’s voice is refreshing, original and poetic as he tells the tale about twins named James and Louise. Satan’s Fan Club is tight, dark and wonderfully disturbing–and a treat for fans of dark fiction. A macabre celebration of imagination and some good old fashioned horror.”
Sandy DeLuca, author of Messages from the Dead and Hell’s Door
“A smart, well-written, and eerie foray into the realm of psychological terror, Kirkbride’s novel will prove a joy for readers who wish to luxuriate in uniquely poetic language pitched starkly against a backdrop of unmitigated horror. Recommended!”
Ronald Malfi, author of Floating Staircase
“Kirkbride keeps you on the edge of your seat!”
John Everson, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The 13th and NightWhere
Satan’s Fan Club is a powerful psychological crime chiller where fear stalks every page. Yet Mark Kirkbride is fearless in his portrayal of obsession and treachery. The darkest parts of the human heart. Definitely a writer to watch.”
Sally Spedding, author of Cold Remains and Malediction
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